Saturday, September 20, 2008

this was fun!

I saw this on cjane and thought it looked like fun. Click to enlarge. I tried to make it bigger, but just can't seem to do it!

Wanna try? Go to

Saturday, September 6, 2008

things that make you go grrr...

So, I just chipped a tooth. Not just any tooth, but the backside of one of my very back molars. How? Eating M&Ms. Is that even possible? Fortunately, I'm not feeling any pain, but when I feel it with my tongue it is definitely rough and jagged and I can tell there is a hole. This is just what I need at 34 weeks pregnant! My dentist is going to love me. Hopefully they can get me in quickly, because it will drive me crazy until I get it fixed.

About a month ago, we got a fish tank as a pet compromise for the children. A couple of days ago, Jon decided to clean the tank because it was looking pretty murky. We are certainly not fish experts, but have managed to keep 6 different fish alive now for several weeks. Unfortunately that number dwindled to 2 in a matter of hours. One fish was found dead right at the beginning of the cleaning process, another one jumped out of the bowl and onto the floor to be found by Derrick, and our 2 larger goldfish died together at the bottom of the tank within minutes of being returned to their new clean water. The survivors seem to be fine, for now. We'll have to see how long it lasts, but we had better get it figured out because I'm not yet willing to work "fish replacement" in to our monthly budget.

Over the last week, I have been increasingly irritated while waiting to pick up my children after school. I have watched multiple drivers commit the same traffic violation which I was ticketed for earlier this year, but apparently if five cars in a row do the same thing, that makes it acceptable. I have watched people do this in front of the police car sitting guard at the school entrance. Perhaps with the new parking lot design this year, they also decided that the officer keeping watch didn't actually have to pay attention. I guess I wouldn't care as much if I hadn't been reprimanded for it myself. I know they can't ticket everybody, but at least make an effort to pull someone over!

And a final grr...I need to use the bathroom, AGAIN. And nothing will come of it, AGAIN. Except the end of this post.

Monday, September 1, 2008

nie nie

While blog surfing I came across the following post which I think is hillarious.

Secret Crush

On a not so hillarious note, I discovered this post after I learned about the plane crash involving his younger sister and her husband, Stephanie and Christian Nielson, know to many via the Nie Nie Dialogues. You can find updates on their recovery here. I do not know them or their family, but have been touched by their story of recovery and the efforts of so many family, friends and strangers in the blogging community who have come out to support them. I wish them well and pray for their 4 small children and those caring for them at this time.