Saturday, August 30, 2008


We heard from our doctor this morning regarding the blood test and all is as it should be. It doesn't necessarily mean that we are completely out of the woods, but it is a good start. So from here we will finish off the antibiotics and hope that in another 8 days there will be no trace of swelling left.

On to a more pleasant subject, I spent this afternoon working up an invitation for Abbie's birthday party coming up next Saturday. She has been planning her birthday for the last 9 months, no kidding. I can't even count the number of times she has created invitations to give to her friends. I had to keep reminding her that you can't give out invites until you have a time and date for the party, not to mention finding a theme that she could stick with. She has been dead set on having a Littlest Pet Shop party now for some time, in part because she thinks that whatever she decides on for her theme must translate to the gifts she receives. After explaining that her friends should not feel obligated to bring a gift, and if they do that their gift is not required to be Littlest Pet Shop related, I've been able to come up with a way to redirect her party in a different direction. So, next Saturday afternoon I will be taking 6 little girls down to get their nails painted at a local nail salon, followed by cake and ice cream at our house. Here is the invite, the design of which I totally lifted from Becky Higgins.

Tomorrow morning is looming large and I am in need of some sleep, which has been on the decline the closer I get to my due date. I guess obnoxious Braxton-Hicks contractions and a decreased bladder capacity will do that to you. It's hard to believe that in no more than 7 weeks (because you know I don't intend to go past my due date no matter what!) I will have been pregnant for the last time, delivered my last baby. At least according to our plans, I guess I had better put that disclaimer out there, since we all know that sometimes the best laid plans aren't exactly His plans. But as far as we know our family will be complete. Now the only thing left to do is figure out the name...but wait, you say, I thought it was going to be Aiden Gray. Um, yeah. I thought so, too. But I wouldn't count on it now. We're having some differences of opinion, Jon and I. I guess this one will be like the last two, we won't make a final decision until we are at the hospital. And now, tiny body parts are pushing on my bladder and I must take my leave, although I can assure you I will be disappointed in the 3 seconds it takes to empty my bladder. Such is pregnant life.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

the curse of motherhood

I love being a mom. I love my three beautiful children and look forward to getting to know another one soon. Motherhood brings with it some of the best feelings this life has to offer. But it also comes with a curse. A curse which every mother is doomed to endure at some point or another. A curse which leaves you feeling helpless, and wishing for nothing more than the ability to help. With Derrick it first reared it's ugly head when his circumcision didn't heal properly and we had to take him to a urologist to have it fixed. He didn't seem to notice much, but I did, and I wished it was me instead. Some time later he needed x-rays to examine if there were problems with his stomach valves due to a major throwing up problem (a 9 month story for another time). I was pregnant with Abbie at the time, so I was forced to sit outside and listen to my baby scream while Jon tried to comfort him. Of course, it didn't hurt him, but it was his fear that hurt me. So far Abbie has been mostly spared from the drama of out of the norm medical procedures, and for that I am grateful. Today, however, was Grace's turn. About two weeks ago during a routine checkup, our doctor noticed that she had some swollen lymph nodes in her groin area. This, of course, could be due to a number of things but we were instructed to watch them and if they didn't disappear to bring her back in. The nodes are still swollen, and so today we paid our doctor another visit. Upon confirmation of their presence, we are now trying a 10 day course of antibiotics to see if that helps clear up any underlying infection that does not currently show any symptoms. And, to start the ball rolling just in case that doesn't work, she ordered a CBC, which meant Grace needed to have her blood drawn. I was expecting it and actually hoping that we would take that step today, because the last thing I want to do is play "wait and see" if there is actually something more serious going on, but I knew how much she would hate having the procedure done and it broke my heart. As most mothers would, I wanted to trade places with her, which for me is saying a lot because needles and I don't get along so well. Really. If you asked me what the worst part about childbirth is I will say getting my IV put in. It is a major reason why I've had all three babies without epidurals or pain meds of any type. Nobody is sticking a giant needle in my spine! But I digress. The point is that I hate to get my blood drawn, too, although I have gotten better at it over the course of 4 pregnancies. I would have gladly done it again today, if I could have. I almost think the worst part is the look of fear that she has on her face when she realizes what is about to happen. Jon held her body still while two nurses focused on her arm, and I proceeded to try and distract her by wiping away her tears. Oh my heart. But it was over soon enough and she did beautifully when all was said and done. And now we wait for results which will hopefully show all levels where they should be. Here's to hoping for a good ol' run of the mill infection!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

under construction

I'm in a mood to tinker with the look of my blog in hopes that I will be inspired to post more often again. So, ignore the scrap of unembelished "paper" up top as I fumble around with different pixel widths to determine the right size for my banner. All will be looking good soon!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday I turned 30. And my Gracie turned 18 months. To celebrate, she washed her hair in the toilet. As for the rest of the celebration, nothing too exciting. We ate out with both sets of parents on Saturday night, Jon took care of running the show for me most of yesterday, and I opened a couple presents. I also marked my 30th week of pregnancy on my 30th birthday. Hopefully that means I only have about 8 more weeks left. Two of my three have been born two weeks early, and been decent sized babies to boot. I know I should not get my hopes up, but I'm ready to feel normal again.

Next Wednesday marks the beginning of school for us, and I'll admit that I'm ready for my kids to head back to school. Mostly because they need the structure, and a little bit because they are driving me crazy! Yes, I said it. I keep reading all these other blogs where the moms are so sad for the end of summer to come because they love having their children at home. Don't get me wrong, I love my children and want them to be with me. It's just that this summer has been hard, with being pregnant and tired and lazy feeling most of the time. I haven't been very good at keeping them entertained, and as a result they get very restless, hence a little obnoxious. We're all ready for a jump-start to our schedule, and I promise to be better next year. I've spent the last eight years pregnant or having little babies, and now that we are done (fingers crossed) I plan to spend the next 20 years being the kind of mom that I want to be. I feel a change coming on! A new decade is a good place to start.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Two in one day...I know! I just discovered, however, that one of my aunts and her two daughters have started blogs. Who knows how long I have gone without realizing this. So welcome to my Aunt Laurie, Cousin Kayla and Cousin Camille. I'm all linked up and ready to keep tabs on you now! May you be more committed than I have lately.

good reads

Not so long ago I was introduced to by my sister, and it seems that as a result my blogging has suffered even more so than before. I guess I shouldn't complain, because reading is perhaps a better use of my time anyways. In any case, I found myself consumed in keeping track of books that I want to read while trying to rack my brain to remember all of the books that I have read in the past, for my own sake. I even let Derrick and Abbie each create a bookshelf on my blog in order to help them stay motivated to read this summer. Derrick has finished a number of books and always looks forward to adding another one to the shelf. I've been trying to challenge him with his reading material, which is difficult. He will be entering the 2nd grade in a few weeks but is reading more at a 5th or 6th grade level. How do I find books that challenge him without being too old in terms of subject matter?

While I'm on the topic, some have expressed their wonder that my current and future reading material exposes a liberal political leaning that they were unaware of. Rest assured, I'm still a conservative. However, in the interest of wanting to make sure that my opinions of our future presidential choices are not entirely based on what I see on television, I decided to take them to task, in their own words. Therefore, I will be reading both Obama's and McCain's bios in the coming months. I won't be one who didn't put in the effort to see what each stands for, regardless of my pre-established beliefs.

And finally, I finished Breaking Dawn yesterday. My book has already been passed on to another friend who borrowed my copies of New Moon and Eclipse over the last month. I must say that I never really thought she would go in the direction that she did. In the end, though, I must say that I was left satisfied. I know there are those out there who would wish for everything not to have been tied up as neatly as it was, but truthfully I'm not one of them. I enjoy a happy ending, so to speak. And as far as the complaints that the ending was not believable in that it worked out so well for all concerned, let's be honest, we're talking about a teenage vampire romance. Who's really concerned about believability?

Wow, I think that is the longest post I've written in months! I guess I'll be back again in a couple more! Just least I hope to be.