Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

almost there!

This second week in February is a crazy one for my family. Between two birthdays and Valentine's Day, I'm lucky just to survive it. But, I'm reaching the tail end of the festivities, and after a Sunday dinner a week ago with the grandparents because they were all going to be gone on the actual birthdays, Gracie's birthday night on Tuesday, Parent Teacher Conferences on Wednesday, Valentine treats for class parties on Thursday, Valentine's Day on Saturday, Derrick's birthday night on Sunday, and a birthday party at the swimming pool for Derrick today I'm pleased to announce that tomorrow all I have left is to send in a birthday treat for Derrick to share with his class. Of course, he informed me that he would like to bring a sugar-free snack for everyone so that the diabetic boy in his class doesn't feel left out. That was perhaps my proudest moment this week. With all that done, I just need to get my laundry piles under control so that we can head to Utah on Wednesday for a few days of "we really need a break from this place" relaxation. Besides, being overwhelmed is what life is all about, right?