Sunday, June 21, 2009

more like Grant than I thought

I didn't buy my husband a Father's Day card this year. Mostly because of procrastination, partly because I steered my children away from the card aisle earlier this week because we couldn't come to a consensus and I got tired of chasing Gracie through Target with her musical "Who Let The Dogs Out" card, really because I avoid going out with all 4 children by myself whenever possible, and a little bit because of this face.

This face has healed a little bit since yesterday. Always eager for something to occupy my children during the long days of summer, I was more than willing to send them out on a hiking excursion to Devil's Thumb with Grandpa and Aunt Katie yesterday morning. Having never hiked the trail myself I had no idea of the dangers it posed. So maybe it's not really dangerous, unless you happen to run down the hill, lose control, and break your fall with your face, then roll in to a nearby ditch, narrowly missing a pile of rocks along the way. At least I think that is how the story goes. Grandpa's version is probably the most entertaining. Only later, while I was at book club, did he happen to throw up twice at my parent's house, necessitating a call to the ER about a possible concussion. Helpful as ever, the ER couldn't give my parent's any useful information except to bring him in, so instead they called a doctor in one of the other wards for advice. Instead of heading out to get a Father's Day card before picking up my children, I talked to Katie on the phone and learned of Derrick's "over-the-phone" diagnosis, and of course had to hurry home as any good mother would. We'll pretend that I didn't miss the phone call from my parents to let me know of the change in Derrick's condition, or that I didn't see the missed call for over 30 minutes. Never happened. I picked up the kids and put them to bed, but following the advice of our doctor friend, woke Derrick up a few hours later to ask him questions like what day it was and what color his branch is in The 39 Clues. He passed with flying colors, but doesn't remember our Q & A session, although I don't think that middle of the night memory loss counts as a warning sign of more serious injury. In any case, I learned way more about concussions than I ever cared to know, and was feeling pretty good about Derrick's injury, until Jon came home and reminded me of Natasha Richardson. Thanks. So now I will be carefully observing Derrick for any strange behavior, unusual mood swings, slurred speech, or confusion for the immediate future. Because random health crises never happen to us. So, in summary, procrastination, hike, face plant, book club, concussion, no card, drive Derrick crazy with random tests of lucidity. Good night.