Saturday, January 27, 2007

random thoughts

With my due date mere weeks away, I am finding it increasingly difficult to focus on anything other than the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy. Most noticeable to my husband is my transformation into Oscar the Grouch. I would like to claim that I am trying my hardest to keep my emotions in check, but frankly it seems nice on occasion to have pregnancy as an excuse for my bad behavior. I'll admit that the persistant backache and leg cramps that have kept me sleeping uneasily for the last week do contribute to my nasty mood, but I probably could make more of an effort to keep my irritability in check. While the sleeplessness is likely to worsen here shortly, I do hope to return to a less cranky version once my physical complaints are diminished.

Today did offer some inspirational direction, however. Our stake held a Women's Conference with a couple keynote speakers and several breakout sessions. I really enjoyed a session on making goals and enduring through challenges. I often feel like everyone else is more pulled together, more on top of their families, more spiritual, more satisfied with the direction of their life, or more interesting than I am. It is nice to get a reminder that we all have problems and insecurities. I think that is why this blogging thing has intrigued me so much over the last couple weeks. As I have jumped around to the blogs of women who are total strangers but with whom I share some similarities, their insights have left me with a sense of encouragement about life. It's like I'm reading someone else's journal, but the lessons they have to offer don't have to be translated into my modern life. They are living it with me!

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Emily said...

I think that's the beauty of blogging. We see that we're just like each other and we can draw so much strength from that. I am also so inspired to be and do better and I love that I can get concrete ideas how to do that from my fellow bloggers. BTW, I've always thought you had it all together!