Monday, August 13, 2007

good news

After an anxious wait over the weekend, Jon got some good news early this afternoon. The previously mentioned job opportunity came through and we are very excited. He will put in a 2 week notice at work tomorrow. Because of our prescheduled vacation to San Diego, he won't even be here for about half of that time. It's always exciting to make a change like this, but the transition can be a bit stressful. It sounds like he will be spending a good deal of time in Denver for about 2 months, so I'll be glad when November rolls around. In any case, the pay increase and other benefits will be worth it.

We did so much other stuff today but none of it really seems blog worthy. I'm trying to finalize my piano lesson schedule for the school year and figure out which of my students will participate in the Monster Concert that our local music teachers association is putting on in October. We will have 10 pianos on the stage with up to 20 students playing the same duet at one time, involving all skill levels. It will be so exciting, but is tons of work. I have to design the advertising poster in the next couple of weeks. I'll be glad to get back to a normal schedule once school starts. Some parents tend to be a little more forgetful about lessons during the summer months and it can be frustrating.

My brain isn't functioning very well, so I'd better stop trying to think. Good night to a good day. : )


Emily said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited to hear the good news. When you have some time I'd love to hear about the new job!

1tiredmama said...

Congrats! Is the new job there or will you be moving?

Mandy said...

congratulations! I'm so happy for your family.

Sierra said...

Yae for Jon and yae for the family! I love it when things work out and I am glad that they did for you. Good luck with the training and I hope that things are happy and well with you.