Monday, February 11, 2008

it's the most wonderful time of the year

That's right, I just e-filed my 2007 tax return! I am a get it done in February kind of gal. Not that we're getting much money back. We've become pretty good at breaking even, at the Federal level at least. Who wants to make an interest free loan to the government...not me! As for our state taxes, that is another story. We usually end up paying, which I definitely save until April 15th. If I'm getting money back, the sooner the better, but if you are taking it from me, I will wait until the last possible moment, without risking being late, just out of spite. Yes, it is childish, but somehow it makes me feel better.


Audrey said...

I am wanting so badly to file ours, but we're still waiting to hear back from our investment company. They get until Feb. 15 to get their docs to us. Is that bogus or what?

Amy said...

We are last minuters when it comes to taxes. I really should remedy that.