Friday, August 7, 2009

patty young patterns

I apologize, but for a little while I'm going to be doing fabric related posts on this blog while we get the word out. I may even squeeze in a few personal posts here and there! Like how in the last month and a half both my phone and our computer crashed within days of each other, or how I've decided to do an online public school with my children this fall, or how I broke my toe the other day. I know, you can't wait! In the meantime...

I love this fabric and pattern designer named Patty Young. We just got some of her patterns in today and I absolutely LOVE them all, but this one is my favorite! I can't wait to make it for my girls. In addition to selling the pattern, our boutique offers this dress made to order for $45.00. Let us know your size and choose from any fabrics available in the shop, give us 2 weeks, and your custom made creation will arrive for your little one! You can check out Patty and her work here. We've also placed an order for some of her Andalucia and Mezzanine fabrics, which will arrive in the coming weeks. Don't forget to check out our blog at

Photos used in our graphics are courtesy of Patty Young.

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Terresa said...

those fabrics & styles are delicious. How about some of those in mama sizes? :)