Monday, March 22, 2010


Last Thursday we took advantage of an almost spring day to head out to the driving range. Good thing because it snowed the next day. About two years ago Derrick received his own set of golf clubs, but hasn't really had much opportunity to use them. Not that I'm much of an expert, I only started golfing about 6 years ago, but I think he is pretty good for his age. Dad has several punches left on his driving range pass, so they can get out several more times this spring. We really need to get him out on the course for an actual game.

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Grandma H. said...

Derrick look's like a pro!!! Grandpa was impressed. Glad for the new post. Finally able to get a little computer time. We are with Tyler today while Laura goes into work and takes a little break. He is haing a pretty good day.