Monday, March 22, 2010


Last Thursday we took advantage of an almost spring day to head out to the driving range. Good thing because it snowed the next day. About two years ago Derrick received his own set of golf clubs, but hasn't really had much opportunity to use them. Not that I'm much of an expert, I only started golfing about 6 years ago, but I think he is pretty good for his age. Dad has several punches left on his driving range pass, so they can get out several more times this spring. We really need to get him out on the course for an actual game.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

movie madness

Tonight Jon and I hogtied my sister into a last minute babysitting gig. We wanted to see a movie. The merits of Valentine's Day vs. Alice in Wonderland were discussed. And while I think that Johnny Depp has an amazing talent for bringing wacky characters to life, the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland gives me the creeps as it is, so Valentine's Day was victorious. Two tickets and a small popcorn later, the movie began and then we did something we've never done. We got up and WALKED OUT. Were we offended by something? Not at all. We left the movie because we watch too much Criminal Minds. In a small town, Wednesday nights aren't typically sold out. On the contrary, they weren't even going to play the movie tonight until we showed up. So it seemed a little unusual when right after we bought our tickets, a man who was alone and had been sitting in the parking lot came up and bought a ticket to the same movie. And he was not really the Valentine's Day type, what with Shutter Island playing two doors down. It was just the three of us, but he ignored the unwritten rules of the situation and sat far too close to us, much closer than was necessary given that every seat in the theater was available to him. I wasn't really bothered, but then Jon leaned over to let me know he was uncomfortable with the situation. I assured him that we would be fine. But he continued to have an overwhelming feeling that we just needed to get out of there. So we did. And then we wasted time until the kids were in bed. Thanks to Criminal Minds, we might be a little paranoid, but at least we're not lying lifeless in the aisle with popcorn stuck to our face and soda in our hair, waiting to be found by the next showing. But my friend the redbox will get a visit from me when it comes out on DVD, because I feel a little cheated.