Tuesday, February 20, 2007

back to reality

Jon took last week off of work so we had the chance to spend plenty of time getting to know our sweet little Gracie. She is the best little baby. I've never been blessed with a baby that sleeps a lot, so it is somewhat bewildering to be able to put her down for a nap and realize 3 hours later that she didn't make a sound the entire time. My first two were nothing like this. By writing this down, I fear that I've invoked a curse somehow and the magical sleepiness will disapper. I hope not. What has disappeared, however, is the carefree time together with just our little family to worry about. Jon is back at work and I'm back to getting the kids off to school, but with 1 more to dress and feed every morning. I will miss being able to sit in the living room while my wonderful husband does the dishes and the laundry. It will be hard not to wish that he would bathe and put the kids to bed every night. When I need something from the store, I will actually have to run and get it myself! Jon really spoiled me this last week, to the point that I even talked him in to helping me straighten my hair. No complaints at having to use a straightening iron, either. He just did it. What a guy! Jon took such good care of me and the children this week, I want him to know how much I appreciate all that he did. Getting back to reality, while never fun, is much easier knowing that I've got such a great partner. He'll still be there to help me with all of those things when he can. Not every girl is that lucky, at least that's what he likes to tell me!


Mandy said...

I'm so glad you posted. I have been very interested to hear how your first week went. My husband, Josh spent the first two weeks with me. We also had both of our moms there, which was a great help, but part of me wishes it could have been just the two of us.

Gracie is insanely cute. I love that new baby smell and how squishy they are. How nice that she is a sleeper. Ryley could sleep through anything, but she never slept for a long time. Even now, her naps are an hour at the most.

Congratulations again!

Melanie said...

What a guy! Isn't it so wonderful to know that you have a man by your side who totally loves and adores you? I know that I wasn't always the most pregnant woman, and Mark was so great at helping through my pain and emotions. It sounds like Jon has done the same for you.

Im so happy for you!

Amy said...

I love it that you too worry about the "mother curse" of life changing just when you speak your blessed state aloud. Too funny & all too true. But I hope she continues to sleep well so you can be a sane momma!

Sierra said...

Happy to hear that you were well taken care of in those critical transition weeks. You go girl! Congrats to you and your sweet, beautiful family.

Emily said...

I've never understood why the dad's don't get to retire until the kids are grown and out of the house. It would make so much more sense to be retired while the kids were little and life chaotic and then work when the house is quiet! I'm so glad you have such a sweet hubby! I guess he really was worth every sticker you put on his mission countdown chart! Glad you're back!