Tuesday, February 6, 2007

ticking time bomb

Right now I feel like a ticking time bomb. My third baby is due on February 22nd, but we now have a scheduled induction date of February 16th due to my labor history and the fact that I tested positive for GBS. That is all fine and dandy except for the fact that I'm not entirely sure that I will make it to the 16th. Those familiar with my birth stories will understand why. I am one of those rare women who has no idea when I'm in labor until it is almost too late. So, every twinge, cramp, or contraction that I feel at this point makes me wonder if my time is up. Not that I'm hoping to stay pregnant, I'm NOT. But it has been almost four and a half years since I did this the last time, and no matter how prepared I am, it still is nerve-wracking. We had an appointment on Monday night and discovered that I am dilated to 3 cm, so Jon has been watching my every move. Few people seem to think that I will make it past the weekend. As I realized that I will soon have a new birth story to share, it occured to me that I have never recorded the events of my first two. The next couple of posts may not be of much interest to some of you, but I feel the need to get the stories written down "for posterity," so please indulge me in my recollections!

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Emily said...

Oh Kimmy. Those last few weeks feel like FOREVER! Good Luck!