Sunday, April 15, 2007

my head hurts

I am somewhat reluctantly embarking on a new endeavor. I will be learning to speak a new language of sorts. I have not even started and already my head hurts. Not only that, but I'm slightly terrified and nauseated at the same time. What, might you ask, could do this to me? Well, my friends, the organ. Anyone who has ever looked closely at one of these can tell right off the bat that humans are not built with enough arms and legs to easily play one of these things. I have known for some time that I would have to learn. When they created a new ward here and realigned the boundaries last November, it became inevitable. Our bishop's wife is really the only who plays the organ well and she has been needing me to learn so she can have a break every now and then. The time has finally come, and after a stake training meeting tonight on the organ, I'm even more anxious about it. Fortunately, I have my mom and the bishop's wife (my former piano teacher) to help me out. While I know that I can do it, the questions start to emerge...where will I find the time to get to the church to practice? do I really have to buy $50 organ shoes? should I take the BYU correspondence course to certify? how can I make my brain learn how to move the bass part to my feet after 20 years of playing another way? why does there have to be two sets of keys, about 100 different buttons, pedals, and more pedals? AAAAAHHHHH! In any case, the adventure begins, and despite their reassurance that I can do it and will end up loving it, my head still hurts.


Mandy said...

Good luck with your organ training. My head hurts for you. :)

Sierra said...

Kimmy, I know you can do this, and if you get enough support at home, it will be an awesome challenge and break from the stay-at-home crazyness. I am excited for you, and know that if you get a little time to focus on it, you will be fantastic!