Monday, October 22, 2007

i need a time out

At least that was the title of the post I intended to write before I left town. I spent this last weekend in Denver with a group of 10 women from the 3 wards here in town. It was nice to take a little break, and even better because I went out on Wednesday with Jon to spend a few extra days with him. We are on the last week of his Denver training. He should be coming home on Saturday, that is unless I can get him tickets to the Rockies World Series game that night. It's been all about the Rockies now for weeks. Anyways, back to my weekend! The conference was great and I enjoyed spending time with some friends. The most memorable part was our dinner at The Melting Pot on Friday night. The conference ended at 9:30 pm and I didn't get back to my sister-in-law's house until 1:00 am. It takes between 2 and 3 hours to eat there, is super expensive, and probably not something I would do again. It was worth going, though, because of all the laughs we had. Apparently the building is the 2nd most haunted in all of Denver, there was even a paranormal group there setting up to take readings the night we were there. The best part came when several in our group went down to the women's bathroom, which happens to be one of the more "active" spots, and my visiting teacher Nanci was trying to scare what she thought was her sister in the next stall. Hillarious.

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Amy said...

Time Out's are so necessary for at-home mom's. I think. I've never been to Time Out for Women, but have only heard wonderful things. I have, however, frequently been to The Melting Pot. I love it.