Monday, January 5, 2009


This afternoon an old friend invited me to be her friend on facebook and you know what I discovered? That I have actually had a facebook account since May 2007. That's right. Almost TWO years. I think I registed in order to see my sister's profile and then totally forgot about it. Silly me! I'm all up and running now, though, and look forward to finding people that I know again. And to Karin and Sierra, I don't know how long ago you invited me to be your friends, but I wasn't ignoring your requests, I just wasn't aware of the fact that I had an account. Well, technically I had to have been aware at some point, but obviously forgot very quickly. Sorry!


Karin said...

No worries, I forgot I invited you!

Lindsey said...

I just got into facebook recently too and it's so fun. I keep finding people I haven't seen in years. I have always been a little against that kind of thing (also blogging and my space), but now I'm jumping on board with all of it and having a great time! :)