Sunday, January 4, 2009


This year Jon and I gave the kids a dog for Christmas. I know. And yes, I remember this whole drama. I'll just say that I'm easily talked in to things, especially when my husband determines that he wants something! It's not that I was anti-dog, but after our last experience I swore that all of my children would be walking before we got another dog. And so, here I am with a 3 month old and a new dog. And you know what? It's been great. This time we got the right dog for our family. He is a four month old labradoodle that we named Truman. We always wanted a poodle mix because Jon had a cockapoo growing up and just loved him. But, everytime we checked in to them, they were all way more expensive than I was willing to pay for a dog. We decided to get a dog for the kids sometime in November, and so Jon was on the hunt for quite a while. About two weeks before Christmas he saw an ad in our local paper for two male labradoodles that were a killer deal. The breeder had a new litter coming up and needed to get the last two from the previous litter off to a good home. So, we got him for about a third of what he would normally cost. We picked him up the Saturday before Christmas and had to hide him at Jon's parents house until Christmas Eve. Thanks again Herb and Connie! On Christmas morning we saved him until last and totally surprised the kids. We had been telling them the earliest we would even think about getting a dog again was this summer, so they were totally shocked. And I have to say, I'm not what you would call a "pet person", I agreed to this because I know it is good for my kids and makes my husband happy. But, I think this time is going to work out for us. Things have been going far better than I ever expected. Sure, he is still a puppy and we have to teach him about the rules in our house, but his potty training has been great! I can count the number of accidents he has had in the last week and a half since he came to our house on one hand. He plays well with the kids and has been really gentle and sweet with Reid. Although, I do think he will be happy when they go back to school on Tuesday. Having all of us home during the day can be a bit overwhelming! So, welcome to our family, Truman.

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Emily said...

Oh boy! Our neighbors have a Labradoodle and she is HUGE. I had no idea they got that big. Hope it all goes well.