Thursday, May 28, 2009

milestones, memorials, and makeovers

It's been a busy couple of weeks.

After perfecting a downward dog to forward face-plant locomotion, Reid decided to officially debut a normal crawl over the Memorial Day weekend. And the kid means business! No longer can I plop him down in one location and assume he will be there when I turn around 5 seconds later! All of which makes me grateful for the fact that my house is getting recarpeted next week. I'm even more grateful for the people who bought my parents house and decided not to keep any of the existing carpet in favor of hardwood. So it might be hand-me-down carpet, but practically like new when compared to what is currently in our house. Gross doesn't even begin to describe the state of our carpet. I gave up trying to clean it some time ago, but now that Reid is crawling I'm glad to know that he will have a fresher, cleaner surface to navigate.

Reid also needs a haircut, or a trim to be precise, but I haven't yet been able to bring myself to reach for the scissors. Although we are quite certain that one of his sisters chopped some of his locks a few weeks ago. The culprit has yet to confess.

After a few weeks of teething, Reid finally cut his two front teeth. All I have to say is OUCH! Or rather, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH...because we are easily distracted these days, so meal times are more of an on again off again event. Speaking of teeth. How is it that other people's teeth can hurt me so much? Derrick had his first consultation with an orthodontist today. A milestone I knew would one day come but dreaded. The good news is that the situation seems no where near as dire as the dentist assumed it might be. Exactly what to do and when is still up for consideration. And of course, we heard prices from $300 up to $4500 as he gets older and needs real braces. Yuck. Thank goodness for some orthodontia coverage, even if it is just 50/50.

As tradition dictates, we spent the Memorial Day weekend in Richfield making the rounds to visit the graves of loved ones gone before and enjoy the company of those still with us. As always, it was a wonderful time.

This one is for Jon!

Grace reached a milestone of her own this weekend. She jumped in the pool all by herself! Unfortunately, it was after Jon and I had gotten out of the pool and were on our way out the door! I jumped right in after her, panicked a little when it took a few seconds to find her under water, and came out with my cover-up soaking wet and my heart beating a million miles an hour. Her phrase for the weekend became "Me jump in swimming pool...scared momma." She sure did.

By some cruel twist of fate, the stars always seem to align against us on Memorial Day weekend because the carnival is almost always in town. And nothing screams fun to my oldest children more than spending ridiculous amounts of money to risk your life on rides that are probably as old as I am. What made this year even better was that somehow Lindsay and I got talked in to taking Derrick, Abbie and Carter by ourselves while the husbands stayed at the hotel to watch the Nuggets game. Aren't we nice! Anyways, the carnival is my kind of fun. In order to get from one ride to another you must ALWAYS look down as you walk, but only if you wish to avoid piles of vomit. If you must look up, you might catch a glimpse of a teenage boy wearing electric blue skinny jeans but riding them halfway down his rear end. At least this moment can become a teaching opportunity, "Derrick, those pants are for girls and if I ever see you showing your behind in public I'll paddle it, I don't care how old you are!" Although, this sight might be preferable to watching the other teenagers make out while waiting for the ferris wheel to get fixed. We were going to ride the ferris wheel, until I decided that any ride requiring a 45 minute shut down at 8:00 PM on a Saturday night was probably not safe enough to earn the right to amuse my children. So we opted for a second ride on The Sizzler. Twelve dollars for me to take Derrick and Abbie, each time. But they loved it. And I'll admit that I enjoyed riding with them. Although if the carnival happens to miss us next year, that is fine with me!

On our last night, Abbie did makeovers with aunt Kimmy. Aren't they beautiful? Maybe this summer she and I can do each other's hair at night before bed. Who doesn't enjoy having their hair combed? Oh, that's right, my two year old generally hates having her hair combed. You know what else she hates? Ants. Bees. Little flies that decided to make a home around my indoor herb pots, which have now made their home outside. Any speck of anything in her bath water. Wearing shoes that are big enough for her growing feet. Eating her food from a normal bowl/plate. Not being a part of makeover night. Sometimes she takes matters in to her own hands, and sometimes I just give in.

With the summer finally here, I've been trying to get excited about having all my children home during the day. As they get older, I'm hoping this gets easier to do. I love being with Derrick and Abbie, but have to be careful not to let boredom settle upon our house, or we are all miserable. A couple days ago I got Derrick started on The 39 Clues series and am hoping this will be a great activity for him this summer. I think I might even read along with him. It sounds like a great idea, and I've actually discovered several other book ideas for my kids in researching this series. Go here to check it out.


Karin said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! I can't believe how big Reid is getting!

Lindsey said...

Oh, the carnival. Wasn't it a joy?! I'll have to send you the picture I took of you guys on the sizzler. I also love our family pic, as seen through Jon's eyes. :)

Audrey said...

I love the picture of Reid crawling. He's absolutely adorable. And I can't believe the cost of the carnival!!! We live in a big enough place that we only see them randomly as we drive on the interstate and the kids don't yet realize it's an actual event anyone can attend. Shhh--it's our secret!

Grandma H. said...

What a fun time we had. I love those cute kids. It is so fun to see Reid starting to move around and of course Gracie is so funny.
Derrick and Abbie were just the best the kids. Even Aunt Carol commented to me about what good kids they were.

Melanie said...

So how old is Reid now? I am not looking forward to Liam being mobile. He can roll but that is it. Reid is super cute by the way!

Amy said...

I have not been looking at blogs much lately (and commenting even less!), but when I came over and saw your cute new look I fell in love. Your blog looks so great!