Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tap, tap...is this thing on?

I think my microphone is broken. I have two days to figure out a way to fix it before school is out and the summer fun commences. Because the one thing I do know is that I will not make it through the next three months being ignored ALL day long. And I'm sure that my troops will quickly tire of the constant asking, asking, pleading, begging, and finally yelling that will ensue if things continue as they have been. This is a normal phase, right? Even the best of kids, which mine are, have a hidden switch that allows them to be two feet in front of you and not hear a word you are saying, right? I tell myself this to feel better.

Now this one, she may not do what I ask her to, but at least she gives me a response when I talk to her! Asking to comb her hair generally results in a "NO", so we drop the issue unless it is a special occasion. Leaving the house in general is not a special occasion, by the way. Besides, even when I do comb her hair, before long it looks like a slightly tamer version of this.

Or I ask her to put her clothes back on, and instead she puts on this.

Did you notice, by the way, that her pajamas are on backwards in the pictures above? And yes, she slept in them that way, because my current mantra is "Don't make the two year old scream." So I ask, is a screaming response better than no response at all?


Karin said...

I totally hear you on the hair thing. At first I felt that people were judging me and I kind of worried about it, but I got over it. Good luck with the getting the kids to listen thing - I don't have any suggestions...but if YOU figure it out, could you let me know?

Grandma H. said...

All your kids are such good kids. And Gracie's hair is her trademark! We love it!

Kendra said...

Ya, I don't know what to tell you, I just get lots of back talking right now. We fight over who's the boss. Porter is pretty sure it is him. I keep saying that it's me. Let us know if they start to listen better:) And at least that is one great thing about not having any girls yet. I have never had to have a hair fight yet! have fun! But I would gladly take the hair fight for a girl:) She sure is cute though!

Melanie said...

I feel your pain, sort of. Sometimes I think Ethan hears Chinese when I speak to him. However, I only have 2 right now so I admire you because you have to do it with 4 kiddos!

emily said...

she's adorable; love the hair!

and she's so quiet in nursery - she's our "star student." silly girl.

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

That is the best hair I've seen in awhile! She is adorable! I would also like to know the secret in getting your kids to listen to you! Luke stopped listening to me long ago! I can't even get him to turn his head when I call his name out! Cute pics! I'm glad you found our blog!