Sunday, March 4, 2007

gratitude sundays (a healthy family)

"Wherefore, the blessings which I give unto you are above all things." (D&C 18:45)

Over the last week I've been blog-hopping. I've noticed a trend among a number of fellow bloggers. This trend involves writing a particular type of post on a specific day of the week. While I may choose to adopt some of the other ideas that I've seen, to start with I've decided to pick a day and topic of my own. That's why I'm declaring Sunday as a day to post about my blessings and things that I am grateful for. I'll try to pick just one a week. It's the reflection on the blessing that I'm interested in, along with the opportunity to remind myself of what I have when I sometimes forget. I invite anyone who wishes to join in!

Events of the last couple of weeks have directed me to reflect on this first blessing I want to record. A few years ago I used to work for a company that provided services and programs to people with disabilities. During that time, one of our directors began his family, only to find out that his daughter has many serious problems when she was born. Fortunately, being in the field that he was, he was better equipped to deal with these challenges than most people. About two weeks ago, I learned that he and his wife were expecting another child. Unfortunately, they had just had an ultrasound and learned that this new baby would also have serious health problems. My heart is broken for them. I am blessed with three beautiful, healthy children. When I feel tired or stressed with the demands placed on me by my three, I think of how much harder it would be to deal with the additional trials of disability and sickness. I don't know if I could do it.

On Friday we learned that the 2nd Counselor in our bishopric was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. He and his wife are several years older than us, but they have a young family with 3 children in the same age ranges as our children. He is a dentist here in town and has just opened a new pediatric practice. She is Abbie's CTR 5 teacher, and taught Derrick last year. My children love seeing her on Sundays. As 2nd Counselor, he is responsible for the Primary and since I'm the Secretary, I see him a lot on Sundays, too. I can't imagine what they must be going through right now. Supposedly the tumor is benign and operable, but you never know what might happen. Even with surgery, he may have hearing loss and partial facial paralysis. I've been concerned about whether or not he may lose some hand function as well, which could be a huge problem with his career. I didn't go to church today because I'm staying home with Grace until April, and Jon had to work, so I don't know if there is any new information or not. What I do know is that when we got the call on Friday, Jon and I talked about the blessing of a healthy family. When all is laid out on the table, I would rather have the problems that we have than the ones of these two families right now. Sure, I can't know whether or not we may ever have to experience these types of challenges, but for the time being, here in the now, I am blessed.


Amy said...

I love this idea, and I think I'll follow suit today. Thank you for the reminder of counting blessings in a life full of Busy. Love the pictures of your littles!

Mandy said...

It's always nice to remember your blessings. I realize that I take them for granted sometimes. Not good. I feel so sorry for those families. I can't imagine going through that.

Your family is beautiful!

1tiredmama said...

It is so sad to hear stories like that. There is a man in our ward who was diagnosed with luekemia a few months ago. He has 3 young children (ages, 11, 5, and 1). It doesn't look good. He is now in a medically induced coma. Every time I see his children and wife I want to cry. When you see things like that happening to people you know, it really does make you count your blessings.

Emily said...

Great post. And Gracie is sooooo cute. So cute!

Sierra said...

Love the gratitude day idea. I don't know how good I will be about sticking to a routine though. Maybe I will just do a gratitude lable and make sure that I have enough of those in my archives. Thanks for the idea and what a wonderful thing to be grateful for!