Thursday, March 1, 2007

random thoughts

I've been meaning to post now for a couple of days, but I couldn't ever seem to organize my thoughts in to one concise topic, so I've opted for the randomness. Here goes.

Patience. This is a virtue not currently in my possession. I have need to apologize to Derrick and Abigail for my short temper over the last couple of weeks (if we're being perfectly honest, probably the last several months). This is not to say that they are blameless here, their listening skills have gone out the window lately, but that does not excuse my behavior. I realize that we are all adjusting to having a 5th member in our family. I recognize that the changes in my sleep routine are a huge contributing factor in my "quick to anger" disposition, but I'm still the grown-up and should better control myself if I expect them to do the same.

My sister Karin is in the process of creating her own blog. It's contagious! I can't wait for her to get it up and running, maybe mentioning it on here will speed the process along! Anyways, now I need to work on my other sisters. Kendra and Marcee, if you're reading this, I'm coming for you!

Is spring planning on coming this year? Every time it looks hopeful, we get another round of snow. Yesterday, for instance, brought a good 5-6 inches on the new trampoline that we just got for Derrick's birthday. I'm ready for my kids to be outside!!!


1tiredmama said...

I hope your sisters join the blogging world too! It is always fun to have more to read. You will have to let us know when Karin is up and going! This is the time of year I love living in Texas. From now until May the weather is perfect. It has been about 75 degrees everyday. We have been playing outside lots! But don't be jealous though. When it is nice summer weather there we will be frying in the 100 degree weather that feels like 110 or 115 with the humidity.

Emily said...

I notice too that my two older kids get the brunt of what the other one causes. So if I get up in the night with the baby and am grumpy the next day I'm never grumpy with the baby, I'm impatient with the two others. Three is an adjustment for sure, but so much fun!