Wednesday, May 30, 2007

memorial day weekend

SO, Emily so sweetly reminded me a couple days ago that I have been MIA for about a week and a half now. I return with a mostly picture post and recap of our Memorial Day weekend. Every year Jon's family descends upon the town of Richfield, UT over Memorial Day to remember their loved ones that have passed on. Jon's parents grew up in the area and he has fond memories of time spent in Richfield when he was growing up. We have been married now for almost eight years and have made an appearance in Richfield EVERY year for this weekend except last year. The family all comes in and stays at the same hotel. The days are filled with eating, shopping for the women, golfing for the guys, eating, visiting with each other, swimming at the pool, eating some more, traveling to the various cemeteries to raise flags and lay flowers on grandparents graves, attending family reunions, and eating. Did I mention eating? In fact, there is a pattern that is usually followed with specific restaurants/shops at specific times. This pattern has changed somewhat, but you can always count on a trip to Ideal Dairy and Christensens. Occasionally, the carnival happens to be in town at the park across the street from our hotel, as it was this year. My children enjoy being a part of the ritual of visiting the cemeteries, helping to lay the flowers and water them. I hope someday they will understand the meaning of all that we do on this weekend. It's always great to hear his parents, aunts, and uncles tell stories of their parents and grandparents. I learn so much this way. This year we made a trip to a cemetery we had never been to before, to see the grave of his ancestor who helped rescue the Martin and Willey handcart company. My children are blessed with great heritage on both sides! Anyways, on with the pics.

As a side note, Jon came home with a slip and slide a couple of nights ago. Here are some pictures from our first attempts. There are sure to be more as the summer progresses!


Sierra said...

Fun pix. Nice to have you back. Glad that you had a great Memorial Day Weekend. Ben had to work, but you will have to read about the drama of our mini-vacation. Warning, it is at least PG-13.

Emily said...

Looks like lots of fun. Glad you're back.

Mandy said...

I miss your posts!