Thursday, June 21, 2007

bits and pieces

Yes, it's true. I haven't blogged since last month. We've had a lot going on and it's just not been on the top of my priority list lately. But, I intend to get back on track. First, I must recap our goings on for the last few weeks, in no particular order.

Three kids, 14 days, and three different road trips makes for a very tired family. After we returned from Richfield on Sunday, May 27th, we made a last minute decision to go to Provo for my uncle's wedding. We left on Friday, June 1st and came home on Sunday, June 3rd. We had less than 24 hours to get pulled back together before we had to get back in the car and drive to Denver on Monday, June 4th. Jon had 3 days of training so the kids and I spent some time with his sister. We came home on Friday, June 8th. We've had a couple weeks of down time, but in another week and a half we load back up for a week at Fish Lake in Utah with Jon's family. Jon will have more training in Denver towards the end of July, but the kids and I will stay home that time. Then I will take the kids back to Provo for the first weekend in August because my mom, my sisters and I are throwing a bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law. Then we have a couple of weeks before we trek to San Diego for a week to vacation and do my brother's wedding. WHEW! The more I think about it, the more tired I get. The kids have been pretty good travelers so far, but I'm really afraid that we're going to be pushing our luck this summer.

About a week ago, we gave our 30 day notice to move in the middle of July. We will be moving to a larger house that is really close to Jon's work. We are really excited, but I HATE the whole process of moving. I wish I could pull an I Dream of Jeanie and blink my belongings across town, clean the old place, and get settled in the new. If only. Fortunately, Jon loves to pack and move. This will be the 13th place we have lived in in less than 8 years and I can honestly blame him as the instigator of almost all our moves! Anyone want to come and help?

Gracie is growing so fast. Last week she rolled over for the first time, just a few days past her four month mark. Now she does it so easily. I've forgotten the excitement that comes with reaching each of these milestones. It's also hard to realize that each of these firsts quickly passes us by. I miss the newborn small that she used to be but love the personality that comes more each day. Giggles and ready grins are the trade-off for cuddles and 3 hour naps.

Last week our desktop gave us a scare which resulted in the purchase of our first laptop. Yes, our FIRST laptop. We may be a bit slow in reaching this milestone, I realize. However, we now have set up wireless internet access to make up for our tardiness in reaching this stage. So far things are going well. We even replaced the CD drive in our old computer all by ourselves, and it actually works! We plan to make the old computer a place for the kids to play games and go online.

We have been putting a patio in at my parent's house and are almost done. Just a few more things to do, but spending time over there keeps me from getting anything done around here. Laundry piles up, fast food is the meal of choice, and a vicious cycle is set in motion. To add to the craziness, I have moved all of my piano lessons to morning time slots, and we started swimming lessons this week. I get ready in the morning, teach piano, spend an hour and a half at the swimming pool, attempt to feed Gracie somewhere in the middle of all of this, and then make it home in the early afternoon where I proceed to argue with a brick wall about keeping the house clean, but eventually decide that I'm too tired and so I give up fighting. Why not, the wall doesn't listen anyways! I also attempt to keep our personal business under control while keeping on top of the financial stuff that I do for Jon's dad's business. And then I read other people's blogs and wonder why I haven't been able to blog, because so many people seem to have more on their plates than I do and still manage to keep up. Oh well.

I hope the rest of the summer won't be so crazy. Here's to hoping!


1tiredmama said...

Sounds like life has been crazy! We will be flying in on Tuesday. Will you guys still be around? I missed seeing you last time and would love to get together this time. Email me and let me know!!

Mandy said...

I think you have been crazy busy. Your lack of blogging is totally justifiable.

How fun that Gracie is rolling over. How I miss those days. I love the little person Ryley is, but I do miss the long naps and snuggles for sure.

I'm so glad you posted!

Sierra said...

glad to have you back. How exciting to have so many places to go and so many things to do. Don't wear yourself out. Good luck with the move and keep us posted on progress.
Hey, I'm going to be in Montrose for the Hardrock. July 7-14, I would love to see ya and help in any way that I can. Will you be in town or away on another adventure?

Amy said...

I was glad to read your comment & know you're alive. I stopped checking with your long absence...isn't that sad? Glad you're back..even if just for now. I despise moving as well. It's just plain hard. And with three kids. Ugh. But, oh the joy once it's done. Post some pictures of your growing baby & new house!