Monday, June 25, 2007

can you say OCD?

So it may be a slight exageration, but am I the only one who has to go back and fix misspelled words and incorrect grammar when I read back through my previous posts and notice the mistakes? I know I'm the only one who probably reads them more than once, and I know that no one else probably even notices. I just bugs me to no end, especially because I usually proof each post a few times before I publish it. It's funny how some people care about that kind of thing and others don't. I used to work with a girl who would send out office emails and memos without a second glance and they always had the most obvious errors. The rest of us used to joke that if it made no sense, then Adrienne probably wrote it. My favorite writing error happened when I was working and needed to hire a new Office Manager. I got a resume from a guy who wrote the following sentence in his cover letter..."I pat attention to detail." Really? Of all the sentences to screw up, that was not the one. His resume went directly to the "Nope" pile. Too harsh? I think not. Anyways, I hope there are no errors in this post!

This morning we started our second week of swimming lessons. Derrick and Abbie are both doing great. Abbie is still a little timid and won't stick her head under water, but she is in the Preschool level so there is very little pressure. Derrick is quite the little swimmer and listens to every instruction. I'm so proud of how he is mastering the torpedo.

At this very moment here is a picture of what each of my brood is doing.

Derrick, very concerned that without his help the Green Team will definitely lose the Disney Channel Games this year, is busily playing computer games to earn points for team captain Dylan Sprouse, aka Zack from the Suite Life. All will be lost without his help!

Gracie is taking a much needed nap in her carseat. The shade offers a bit of protection from her nemesis, who at this moment is...

Outside in the backyard mixing up bowls of who knows what with her friend Jill. To be honest, the mixture somewhat resembles a gourmet salad, although I would definitely not eat it! I hope the bushes and trees survive the afternoon.


Sierra said...

Oh, there is my precious Kimmy! You crack me up. You are a bit of a perfectionist, but it is part of your mark and I love you for it. I would appologize for my inattention to detail... but alas, that is part of my mark. Aren't you glad that there are so many different kinds of people out there?
Glad to read and see that the kids are doing so well in all the busy chaos of your lives. They are so cute!

Mandy said...

I am also a perfectionist and never run a post without running it through the spell check. Even then I find grammatical mistakes. Oh well!

Love the pictures of the kids. Gracie's feet are too cute!