Sunday, June 24, 2007

not so pleasant memory

So, my sister just called because she thinks that her little girl may have a dislocated elbow or shoulder. She called me because, yes indeedy, it happened to us a few years ago with Derrick. How pleasant to remember that we let him go for almost half a day before taking him in to the doctor. How pleasant to remember the fear that we were going to be reported for child abuse and have our children taken away. After being told that dislocated joints are actually rather common childhood injuries, we still didn't feel any better. How quickly the picture comes back to mind of the pitiful look on his face while he sat there protecting his little arm without crying. And how easily the trauma of it all was forgotten the second the doctor popped it back into place, at least for Derrick. Now it's Karin's turn. From what it sounds like, her little one is experiencing the same thing. But that's what is frustrating about dislocated joints. It's so hard to know because they just act different. Of course these things always happen after normal office hours, so should she take her to the ER if Instacare isn't open? How do you make that call? All I know is I hope not to experience it again, and I'm sure we'll hear about this trauma first hand soon!

On a happier note, I want to start jotting down little things to remember about each of my little ones. Things that are funny/unusual/sweet that I may not always remember.

Derrick loves to read ZooBooks.

Abbie loves anything sour. Especially lemons. She always steals the lemon wedge from our waters at restaurants and eats the WHOLE thing, rind included. We try to get her to stop, but it never works.

Gracie loves to blow bubbles. That's how I know she is done eating.


Mandy said...

I've actually read a lot about dislocated elbows, etc lately and know it's quite common. That being said, I know I would freak out and feel completely terrible if that ever happened to Ryley.

Love the quirks of your kids, especially Gracie and her bubbles.

Amy said...

My Aidan would love love zoobooks. How old is Derrick? I dread the first broken bone, dislocated joint, etc...we've been lucky so far. A did just get his first stitches, but it was as minor as it comes.

Kim said...

Derrick turned 6 in February. He's never had stitches, though. It's wierd, he can sit through shots with no problem, yet he freaks out every time I have to cut his fingernails. Go figure.

Sierra said...

Not fun about the elbows, but those are such fun things about your kids. Neat idea to post the small stuff that is unique to them.