Tuesday, May 20, 2008

by the numbers

I really enjoy when April does her "by the numbers" posts, so I thought I'd give one of my own a try. Sometimes it is easier to document the goings-on when I can quantify them.

2 days left of school, after today. I'm very anxious for this year to be over. Having one kid going full day and one kid going half day is rough. Next year will be wonderful.

46 invitations that I mailed yesterday for a Scentsy party that I'm throwing for a friend next week. I've managed to go my entire married life without having to throw a Pampered Chef or Stampin' Up party, although I have attended my fair share! I guess you could say that I'm due. In any case, all you sisters and sisters-in-law will be getting your catalog shortly. Of course I don't expect you to come, but if you'd like to order anything let me know and I'll tell you how.

60 bags of bark that Jon finished putting down around the border of our backyard over the weekend. It feels so much better out there now! We still have a strong dislike for the front yard, but that will have to wait.

18 weeks pregnant, plus two days. Still waiting for the yuck to completely disappear.

1 week until we have our ultrasound, and hopefully find out if we've evened out our numbers or not.


Sierra said...

Congrats on getting home projects done... or at least getting hubby to do home projects. I will have to post pix of our kitchen remodel. We finally got the floors down and are now ready to trim and be done with it... it's only been 5 months since the pipes froze, and I am SO happy with how things came out.
Good luck with your party. I know how nerve racking that can be. I'll check out the link and see if there is anything we can use. Thanks.

Emily said...

Love the new look. I was so excited when the page pulled up knowing it wasn't going to be another Kimmy drought!

I really want to check Sentsy out but it's definitely something I need to check out in person before I buy. I love smelly candles, lotions, etc. but lots of scents give me a headache.

Congrats on the end of school. We don't finish till June 11 here! And, I'm going to be doing the 1 full day 1 half day next year, and I just really wish Kindergarten could be all day!

1tiredmama said...

I love love love my scentsy stuff!! You all just need to move to Texas and then you can have the full day kindergarten. I am sure I will like it, but the thought of Ethan going all day next year makes me just a little sad. He still seems so young to be gone so long everyday.
Good luck on the ultra sound!! Hopefully you can even out the numbers!!