Monday, May 12, 2008


After some gentle prodding from Emily and a remark from Jon that he was "sick and tired" of reading about me being sick and tired, I realize that I must post. Somehow the end of the school year just seems to be busier than usual. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I feel better yet. I reached 17 weeks yesterday, and despite my hope that my nausea would disappear, it hasn't yet. I can't be too surprised, though, because it has gone on longer with each pregnancy, so if the pattern holds it will likely linger a bit longer. We have our ultrasound scheduled for May 27th, the day after we get back from our Memorial Day excursion to Richfield. We're hoping for a boy to even out our numbers, but of course we'll be happy with whatever it is!

On the church front, I survived my organ debut a couple weeks ago at Stake Conference. It actually went really well. A couple days before we actually got a brand new organ and sound system in the stake center. Not that I have much to go by, but I really like it. Of course there has to be someone to spoil all the excitement, though. A couple days ago I learned that someone stole a $1700 sub-woofer from the chapel. It really makes me sick, because it had to have been someone who had access to the chapel and knew that the equipment was brand new. I really can't see how it wasn't a member. And that makes me sad, and angry. Anyways. Jon got a new calling at Stake Conference. He is the new Stake Executive Secretary. I guess that goes to show that you can run, but you can't hide! Anyways, he now has meetings every Thursday night from about 5:30 pm until 9:00 pm. He seems to be enjoying it so far.

About a week ago we heard what I think is kind of sad news. The guy that Jon used to work with that passed away about a month ago...apparently his wife is pregnant. From what we understand, Shane died before she found out. Under normal circumstances, a new baby would be so exciting, but in this case I just can't help but be sad for her. Sad that he died without knowing, although I'm sure he knows now. Sad that this baby will never know their father in this life. And sad for his wife, to have to add this to what she is already dealing with.

Back to happier topics, on Saturday I went and signed the kids up for their summer activities. Both Derrick and Abbie will be doing swimming lessons again, although I learned my lesson about getting them signed up early, because all that I could get in to was the very last session in August. Oh well. Abbie decided to give girls T-ball a try this year. Derrick opted for tennis, which makes dad very happy. I think they will both have a great time. I especially hope Derrick will like tennis. He has had a hard time in the past when his team doesn't "win". He is still interested in team sports, but I think an individual sport may just be right up his alley. That way he is in control of how well he does.

I must go attend to my house now. I took yesterday off, and Jon had gone in to work at 4:00 am, so he was really tired all day. That means my house got severely neglected and needs some TLC. More timely updates soon.


1tiredmama said...

So sorry to hear that you are still feeling sick. That is no fun. I need to follow in your foot steps and get my kids signed up for something fun this summer. And I can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl!!

Melanie said...

It's no fun being sick. Luckily I am out of the morning sickness stage, however, my sciatic nerve has already started bothering me and I am only in my 14th week! Oh the joys of pregnancy!

Sierra said...

Sad to hear you are still sick and tired... I would say "yippie! I only have 9 weeks left" but, I decided that the tired part never really goes away. I guess it is part of the price we pay for having such wonderful kids. Anyway, good to hear from you and find out what is in the plans for the big summer.

Emily said...

Thank you! I feel much better now.

So, so sad about your friends family.

I really hope you start feeling better soon. Especially in time to run those kids all over to their activities!