Friday, September 21, 2007

i should be committed

Somehow I have managed to commit to A LOT of big things lately. All are good things, some are things I wouldn't even want to say "no" to, but almost all of the them require significant advance preparation. I spent my morning completing this.

As part of our local music teachers association, I was responsible for designing an advertising poster for an upcoming duet recital that we will be having in October. I've put it off since the beginning of August. I'm only entering 3 of my students in the recital, but that means I need to get them prepared. Plus, as a teacher I need to learn 4 duets that the upper levels will be playing (in case I need to fill in) as well as the teacher encore.

While we're on the subject of music, my mom was running over stuff for my new calling as Stake Music Specialist with me last night. I now have 1 song to learn for Stake Conference and 2 to prepare for Christmas. Our stake displays nativity sets and presents a musical program during the beginning of December. Over the years it has become a pretty big deal and involves a lot of people in the community. A couple of days ago I agreed to be responsible for decorating one of the rooms in the church where the nativities will be displayed.

I am Room Parent for Derrick's class during the 1st Quarter, so I have a Halloween Party to plan as well as helping to distribute the products sold by his class from the fundraiser that we just did.

Last night my mom and I started making plans to have Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year, AND my bishop called and asked Jon and I to speak next Sunday when he is home. I think I need at least one more thing. ;-)

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1tiredmama said...

Sounds crazy! I like the flyer for the recital. You are very talented! I just did my first digital scrapbook layout. It is not the cutest, but it is a start. I may call you or email you with some questions soon. What program do you use?