Tuesday, September 18, 2007

on my own again.....just can't wait to be on my own again

OK, so that's not the truth. Jon left again this morning after several days home from Denver. It was so nice to have him here, although I think he was a little dismayed at the state of chaos in our home when he arrived. I tried to be pulled together but it just wasn't happening. Hopefully he'll be back again in another two weeks. I'm hoping to be more efficient by that point. Speaking of efficient, my mother gave me a little nudge towards weaning Gracie yesterday when she pointed out that I don't seem to function as productively when I am nursing or pregnant (which has been a good portion of our married life!), so I had better get Grace weaned so I could be more efficient. Jon thought it was hillarious. So, today is the day to buckle down and just do it. My child is going to be starving until she relents and drinks from a bottle or sippy cup. I've got my Advil ready for when the pain kicks in later, which will probably be at the PAC (Parent Action Council) meeting tonight. I sure know how to time things, don't I!


Sierra said...

Do what ya gotta do to keep your sanity babe. It sounds like you are crazy busy and that things just keep adding on to your list of to dos. Good luck and make it count!

1tiredmama said...

Good luck being on your own again and especially good luck with the weaning. I hate the pain involved with it. Hopefully it will help once you get past your pain and her crying.

Emily said...

Please tell me you aren't stopping cold turkey?!?!? I did that with Marky and it was 7 days of excruciating pain. I definitely prefer the gradual approach, extending it out over a couple weeks. Good luck!