Monday, September 10, 2007

new calling X 2

I had my meeting and I now have two new callings in two days. I will be a Stake Music Specialist. Totally fine with me and it shouldn't interfere with my other new calling. Plus, my mother has this exact calling as well, so it should be easy to get it done. I will basically help assist the Stake Music Chairman with any needs that she has. It will probably get a little crazy around Stake Conference and Christmas, but otherwise should be pretty low key. My only reservation is that the Stake Music Chairman scares the pants off me! Well, as a pianist, anyways. She kind of expects you to read her mind and be ready to go even though she hasn't told you where she is at in the music. Maybe this is another way to force me to learn how to play the organ...they are so sneaky! ; )


Emily said...

WOW Kimmy, you go girl! Any idea when you'll see your hubs again?

Melanie said...

I have no doubt that you will be great in both callings. Those young ones can be a challenge sometimes, I teach the 14-15 yr. old sunday school class, lets just say it can be interesting at times!