Thursday, July 8, 2010

anything you can do...

Grace thinks she is a boy.

OK, so she knows that she is a girl, but doesn't quite get that there are certain anatomical differences between the sexes.

Yesterday afternoon I wandered in to my bathroom to find her standing at the toilet, pants around her knees.  I asked if she was going to the bathroom standing up, and she replied that she was.  I told her that only boys can do that, to which she responded that she could do it, too.  And somehow, she did manage to get most of it in to the toilet, although I'm not quite sure how.

Despite having other males around the house, I blame this episode on her cousin, who put on a demonstration the other night during FHE at the park.  We all enjoyed a good laugh, I just didn't expect it to spread to my daughter.  I'll need to keep a close eye on her for a while!

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