Friday, July 2, 2010

how to convince people that you are incompetent

  • Go to pick up your friend's child for a play date.
  • Leave the car running while you run up to the door.
  • Get back in the car, try to leave, and realize that you are unable to get the car out of PARK.
  • Freak out.
  • Jiggle the steering wheel. Try again.
  • Turn off the car. Try again.
  • Panic and call your dad because he can fix anything.
  • Talk to your mom because dad is on a conference call, he'll call you back.
  • Call husband at work to let him know, ask if he can take a few minutes to bring you the other car so you can get back home in time for your test.
  • Go back to the house and let the people know that you really do want to leave, but can't seem to get your car to work. They will come out and give it a try, which should make it work, but doesn't.
  • Get back in your car and wait for 10 minutes.
  • Dad will call back right as your husband gets there, and while you are telling your dad what is wrong, your husband will get in the car and immediately put it in to DRIVE.
  • Feel stupid.
  • Tell your dad "thanks" and let him know the husband took care of the problem.
  • Say to your husband, "How did you do that?"
  • Get back in and try for yourself. No luck.
  • Trade places with husband, who gets it to work again and tells you that you aren't pushing the brake down far enough.
  • Get back in, push down hard on the brake, and put the car in to DRIVE.
  • Feel stupid.
  • Tell the husband you are sorry.
  • Drive home and wonder how it is that you've been driving this car for three years with no problem.
  • Feel stupid.

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