Friday, July 9, 2010

perfect timing

Jon is in Denver this weekend with Derrick and Abbie to see a Rockies game.  I stayed home with the little ones to get some school work done and enjoy a "relaxing" weekend of smaller messes and early bedtimes.  Except Reid apparently didn't get the memo, picking today to master climbing out of his crib.  No nap.  No early bedtime.  In fact, he is sitting right next to me at this very moment as I swat his hands and feet away from the keyboard.  I hate this particular transition, big enough now to thwart my attempts at keeping him in bed, but too young to be reasoned with.  At least the older ones aren't here to encourage him yet!

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Grandma H. said...

He is such a smart little boy!! And you are the lucky one, to have him sitting next to you. Give him a kiss and hug from grandma. Also enjoy your time, and relax. Love Ya